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I need to buy a dictionary ,because since i first saw you i am speechless

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The person you are least attracted to will be the person who is most attracted towards you

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When the time passes, true love become stronger but false love breaks down!

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#Love And Funny Quotes

I miss you every day But today I feel that I am livig without you

#Love And Funny Quotes

If one day you notice that we have not spoken in a while. It is not because I do not care about it because you have pushed me away

#Love And Funny Quotes

“Boyfriends make you fat and then lie and tell you are not fat”

#Love And Funny Quotes

“Imagine a boy praying to god he gets to marry you”

#Love And Funny Quotes

“I feel so happy that I found you in a selfish world”

#Love And Funny Quotes

“The goal is to laugh forever with someone you take seriously”

Love And Funny Quotes for you

Here are the best love and funny quotes for you. Love and fun both are very essential for us.

These quotes We share quotes in a funny and lovely way. Throwing fun and loving words of love to your partner gives a new meaning to your relationship.

This makes both of you feel more comfortable with each other, thus, making the relationship last.

We want to add some love and fun quotes which you are looking for. We hope you like it and feels by your heart and have some fun too.

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