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#Relationship Quotes

I have seen the beauty in people who were called ugly, unattractive and I've seen the devil in the most angelic, pretty face.

#Relationship Quotes

A broken heart is a gift for you. It hurts more but it teaches you a lot.

#Relationship Quotes

Never lost yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn't care about forgetting you

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Everybody shows more love and care at the beginning of any type of relationship but someone only can maintain it till the last.

#Relationship Quotes

If Boys and girls stay together, don't try to think they are lover they may be good friends.

#Relationship Quotes

People with a good heart are always unlucky in relationship

#Relationship Quotes

Distance doesn't matter in any relationship if two hearts are loyal to each other

#Relationship Quotes

Keep relationship good communicate with each other, build trust, be honest

#Relationship Quotes

Don't waste time to get new people to love you. Give time with those people who already love you

Best Relationship Quotes

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