From Flirting to Romance: Best Flirty Messages to Make a Connection

When it comes to flirting, there’s an art and science behind it. One wrong tone or idiom and you can completely ruin your relationship in just a few words. But done right — think of it as the opposite of sending off a passive-aggressive note — flirty texts can light a spark that ignites a whole romance — or stoke the flames of passion with a long-term partner. Here are some best flirty messages to read and share.

1. ❝Mmmmm I love it when I can feel your heartbeat pounding everywhere I touch you. ❞

2. ❝I’m not flirting. I’m just being extra nice to someone who is extra attractive.❞

3. ❝I may be a raindrop because I can feel myself falling, falling for you.❞

4. ❝Your smile seriously gives a tough competition even to the sun.❞

5. ❝Do you have a band-aid? I think I scratched my knee while falling for you.❞

6. ❝I have committed a crime of loving you and would like to be imprisoned in your heart forever.❞

7. ❝I have had a very bad day. Can you smile, please? Only your smile can drive away all my problems.❞

8. ❝You are so beautiful, I almost lost track of what I was doing!❞

9. ❝Your profile spells out, ‘Beauty with brains. I would love to get to know you.❞

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flirty messages for her

Best Flirty Messages for your Girl to flirt. Do you want to know how to flirt with your Girl? Do you want to send the perfect flirty text? Then look no further. Here are some Messages of flirty texts that can make or break the romance of your life.

1. ❝Your body is so incredibly gorgeous all I wanna do is explore every tiny square inch of it.❞

2. ❝Oh god how I love that feeling when my whole body tightens up…how I enter into another world when I’m with you.❞

3. ❝I want to be your teardrop. Born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.❞

4. ❝I can’t taste my lips, could you do it for me?❞

5. ❝If flowers were dreams that would last forever, I would pick the most beautiful ones to send to you.❞

6. ❝You look so familiar…I think I saw you somewhere, probably in my dreams.❞

7. ❝I really want you to be my Facebook password!❞

8. ❝At night time I sleep dreaming of you, and during the daytime I dream of sleeping with you.❞

9. ❝In my mind, I’ve got your arms wrapped tight around me.❞

10. ❝If looks could kill, I am dead right now and in heaven. All thanks to you.❞

11. ❝Dreaming of you makes my night worthwhile. Thinking of you makes me smile. Having you is the best thing ever and loving you is what I plan to do forever.❞

12. ❝Imagine, it is the last day of our world. You are in a room all by yourself. The lights are gone, and you are scared. Suddenly, your phone rings, it is me. What would be the one thing that you would like to tell me about you, which I am unaware of?❞

13. ❝Hey, when you stepping front of me something stopped. Do you what? It was my heart beat.❞

14. ❝To be very honest babe, I don’t think you ever need make up. Perfection is better left unmessed with! And you always look perfect.❞

15. ❝My grandparents had always warned me not to play with fire. I burned my eyes the minute they saw you. That is how flaming hot you were looking today.❞

16. ❝Please don’t think that I am not interested in you because I don’t talk to you. Maybe some boys too find it hard to approach the girl they find really pretty.❞

17. ❝When you step into a room, all the boys go like ‘Whoa, what a babe!’ and I go like, ‘Not just a babe dude, she’s my babe!’❞

18. ❝I can turn down the hottest girls in the world for you. Because they don’t stand a chance in front of you.❞

19. ❝Even if you walk away from me I know that our roads will cross again. And when they do, I’ll know that this just was not the right time yet. I will wait for you.❞

flirty messages for him

Best Flirty Messages for your Boy.

1. ❝You have no idea how much I want you right now…not to mention how I want you…and where I want you.❞

2. ❝You smell like trash….. Can I take you out?❞

3. ❝I’d explain it to you, but your brain would explode.❞

4. ❝I am kinda like a candy bar.Mostly sweetness but occasionally a little nuts.❞

5. ❝You remind me of a private jet… I want to get inside you five times a day, and fly you to heaven and back.❞

6. ❝If kisses were raindrops, I’d send you a flood.❞

flirty messages to Wife

Best Flirty Message for your wife.

1. ❝I love the feel of your lips on mine when we kiss…the best part is knowing the rest of you will be touching me at the same time!❞

2. ❝If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together.❞

3. ❝If you stood in front of a mirror holding 11 roses; you will see 12 of the most beautiful things in this word.❞

4. ❝If I had a candy bar for every time I thought of you, I would be fat, but still sad and missing you!❞

5. ❝You are really hot. Just texting to remind you.❞

6. ❝I want to commit a crime by stealing your heart, Baby what if we are so apart, You will always remain special to me, It’s for your pretty eyes to see, Love you a lot, my sweetheart!❞

7. ❝You know honey; you are looking so pretty today, And, how do I know this? Silly, coz you look pretty each day, Love you a lot sweetie, Miss you and love you!❞

8. ❝You know sweetheart, I so love all the glittering stars up in the sky,
They are lovely and high, But, it’s nothing as compared to, That blissful spark in your eyes, I so love you dear!❞

10. ❝I wish you a life as beautiful as your smile.❞

flirty messages To husband

Flirty Messages for you Husband.

1. ❝You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree, but the best way to fall…Is in love with me.❞

2. ❝You are so wonderful, just like a Bounty, an amazing piece of paradise on Earth!❞

3. ❝Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold that for you!❞

4. ❝I understand you don’t want any more children, but is there any chance we can at least practice tonight?❞

5. ❝Don’t tire yourself out at work. You’ll need some energy for later.❞

6. ❝I’m in bed and soooo cold. I need a cuddle buddy.❞

7. ❝I want to commit a crime by stealing your heart, Baby what if we are so apart, You will always remain special to me, It’s for your pretty eyes to see, Love you a lot, my sweetheart!❞

8. ❝You know what, You make me feel something in a certain way,
And, I just want to say, That I so think about you my love, I so love you each day, Miss you!❞

seductive flirty messages to send to a guy

1. ❝I love it when you roll your tongue around my nipples and then exhale slowly with that hot damp breath of yours…makes me shudder inside.❞

2. ❝Everything about you turns me on…I just can’t get the thought of you out of my head!❞

3. ❝I am tired of sending you texts or speaking on phone. Why do not you come here and sit on the top of me?❞

4. ❝You’re hot, but I’m gonna make you work for this.❞

5. ❝Mess up my bed with me.❞

6. ❝You know, I saw you in my dreams last night, you looked so hot!❞

7. ❝Come here and take off my lip gloss, cowboy.❞

8. ❝If I was a gift, how would you unwrap me?❞

9. ❝What I really like about you is your character and the person you are, your pretty face and oh-so-sexy body is just a bonus! winks.❞

flirty messages for crush

1. ❝If you wake up in a red room with no windows or doors don’t panic you’re in my heart.❞

2. ❝Go out at night and count the stars That’s how many years I’ll wait for you.❞

3. ❝Which is easier? Are you getting into those tight jeans or me getting you out of them?❞

4. ❝Your smile must be a black hole, nothing can escape its pull.❞

5. ❝Damn, you’re so sweet, baby, I believe I could give up sugar for life!❞

6. ❝I really like our friendship, but I was thinking… Do you want to make it more?❞

8. ❝Do you have a to-do list? If so, put me on it.❞

9. ❝Can you send me a picture? My friends don’t believe that angels exist.❞

10. ❝Oh damn girl you’re fine it’s only a matter of time before I make you mine.❞

11. ❝If falling in love is a sin, I’m surely going to hell. I am head over heels in love with you.❞

12. ❝I feel so hopelessly, helplessly, insanely and totally addicted to you. Somebody help me! Actually only you can.❞

13. ❝You look like a ninety degree angel to be. Do you know why? Because you are perfectly right!❞

14. ❝Is your second name ‘Storm’? Because, you have blown me away.❞

15. ❝I do not know if you know this yet, but I could do anything to see you smile. And I could also do anything to keep that smile intact.❞

16. ❝How lucky I am! I dream about you all night long and wake up to see you too. I wish to make this happen every day of my life. I love you.❞

17. ❝Do you know what is my favorite thing to wear? It is the smile you gave me when I first saw you. I think I am crazy about you.❞

18. ❝We have two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears but only one heart. Do you know why? Because God will send someone your way one day to make you complete with their heart. I want to tell you my dear, you are my other heart, because you make me complete.❞

19. ❝It is time that I should tell you how jealous I am of your mirror. Each time you look at it, it gets to look back at you. ?❞

20. ❝Do you really think I am crushing on you? It is not easy to like a girl so pretty, sexy, sweet, loving, caring, funny, adorable, charming and near to perfection! But I will think about it again.❞

flirty messages for her to smile

1. ❝I love all the sounds we make when there’s nothing between us.❞

2. ❝If you were a tear, I would never cry in fear of losing you.❞

3. ❝I can never wipe the smile off my face when I receive a message from you.❞

4. ❝I am not flirting with you, I am just being extra sweet to somebody who is too much attractive.❞

5. ❝I wish I was your mirror so that I could look at you every morning.❞

6. ❝There Isn’t A Word In The Dictionary That Can Explain Your Type Of Beauty.❞

7. ❝Of All Your Beautiful Curves, Your Smile Is My Favorite One.❞

8. ❝Hey, I am up for a love survey, so I thought let’s start with you, So a very interesting question for you, Do you love me? I need an answer from you, Coz I love you!❞

9. ❝The sun shines brighter, the birds seem happier, the stars appear shinier, in fact, the world seems a better place, when you smile!❞

❝Can you please call a lifeguard, because I'm drowning in your love.❞

    10. ❝Can you please call a lifeguard, because I’m drowning in your love.❞

    11. ❝Each time I look at your pretty face, it makes me wonder, ‘What is an angel doing among humans?’❞

    12. ❝If I told you that I was lost, would you take me home with you?❞

    13. ❝Is it morning already or did you just smile at me?❞

    14. ❝You are so hot that I have to wear a sunscreen around you.❞

    15. ❝Just one smile from you can make my day. So always smile please because you not smiling tends to have the reverse effect.❞

    17. ❝This world may be having many beautiful girls out there. But none of them have the charm as magnetic as you. I simply cannot resist you.❞

    18. ❝I think I am Iron Man and you are a magnet. Because, I am so attracted to you.❞

    19. ❝Do you know black magic? Because it is unbelievable the way I am hypnotized by your love!❞

    flirty messages to send to a guy

    1. ❝Wanna pick out my outfit for date night/work/whatever? You can start with my underwear.❞

    2. ❝Do you like me as I am? Or should I pray to God to improve your taste!❞

    3. ❝Your eyes speak a language that my mind can read and my heart understands!❞

    4. ❝Sweet dreams… I hope I’m in them.❞

    5. ❝I’m making the first move when it comes to texting, so I’m expecting you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.❞

    6. ❝I’m bored. Tell me about a sex dream you’ve had.❞

    7. ❝I had a dream we were sexting. Imagine my disappointment when I woke up and realized we weren’t… yet.❞

    8. ❝When I think about you, It leads me to a situation,
    Where I keep on thinking more, So, I think I have fallen for you, Yes I truly love you!❞

    9. ❝You are hotter than the sun, more beautiful than the moon and more addictive than drugs.❞

    10. ❝I feel pleasant. I breathe freshness. I walk proud. I think beautiful. And all these things are true, and I wish to tell, the reason is you.❞

    11. ❝Your display picture shows off a beautiful angel, only the halo and wings are missing!❞

    12. ❝If happiness was a grain of sand, you have given me a beach. If hope was a drop, you have given me the ocean. If love was a star, you have given me the universe. Thank you.❞

    flirty messages to start a conversation

    1. ❝If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.❞

    2. ❝Hi, I’m writing a phone book, can I have your number?❞

    3. ❝I was just thinking about how stunning you looked last night…Hot damn!❞

    4. ❝You’re Like A Twister, You Just Blow Me Away.❞

    5. ❝Could You Stop Being So Lovely? You’re Driving Me So Crazy.❞

    6. ❝Hey, stranger! Wait, why are we still strangers? Let’s fix that.❞

    7. ❝Excuse me miss, do you by any chance work for google? That’s crazy cuz you look like you have everything I am searching for.❞

    8. ❝Excuse me, I think you dropped something back there, Your crown because you’re a Queen. ❞

    9. ❝Excuse me, ladies did the sun just come out? or did you just smile?❞

    10. ❝Excuse me miss, I just got my teeth cleaned and the lady said that I have 2 cavities because you’re so sweet.❞

    11. ❝I can walk miles and miles just to see a pretty face as yours, and I can do the same to see another pretty face.❞

    12. ❝You are not just another pretty face. Well, I mean you have got a great body as well.❞

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