2023 Funny Christmas Poems

Get ready to jingle all the way with our hilarious Christmas poems! Spread holiday cheer with laughter as you explore our collection of funny verses that capture the whimsy and joy of the season. From Santa’s quirky escapades to festive mishaps, our Christmas poems will have you Ho-Ho-Ho-ing in no time. Dive into the merriment and make this holiday season a giggly one with our rib-tickling collection of funny Christmas poetry!”

1. Its my time

Christmas is always my favourite,
Do you know why?
Coz I am so happy,
Till the reach of sky,
I enjoy with my family,
And celebrate all through,
Christmas is surely fun,
For me and also you!

2. The best part now

The best part of Christmas is the holidays,
So many happy nights and days,
Santa was laughing at me last time,
Because I was good back then,
Let’s see this year,
What I have in store,
Oh Christmas a new story to be told!

3. The joy to look

This Christmas,
There will be a new story to be told,
So many things would unfold,
With ringing bells all around,
To sound of the carols that surround,
This Christmas will surely be fun,
As the celebrations have begun!

4. Christmas is coming

Christmas is coming my dear friend,
With Bringing in lots of joy,
The music, the galore and so much excitement,
Just like the sound of toy,
Santa will give me something this time,
Which would be all mine,
Merry Christmas!

5. Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time the Elf, Rudolph and Santa got into the hot bath tub,
As it would keep them from the cold outside, when they got a little scrub.
When Frosty saw what they were doing he laughed and poked fun at them,
Santa was so embarrassed and didn’t know what to say to Frosty, his cutest gem.
So in his defence he told Frosty to enter the hot bath tub instead of finding flaws.
He thought this would make Frosty realize what a cool idea it really was.
But when Frosty got in, the temperature of the tub changed from hot to cold,
And within seconds the Elf, Rudolph and Santa froze.
They froze not just because it was too cold to bear,
But they froze when they realized their culprit has melted in the hot tub there.
Poor Frosty!

6. It’s a special day and I know

It’s the special Christmas day
So don’t enter my house without a gift
And also bring some great wine
Come to my house early
And make some Christmas goodies
So that I can use them in dine
That is the true spirit of Christmas for you
To see you happy and see you smile
To spread across what’s in your heart
And also make a great start
Yippee it’s the Christmas time
Merry Christmas to you!

7. I will make such a cute world

I will make a cute snowball and throw it on your face
I will dance all night with a loving grace
Will sing Christmas carols and dance along with you
To make things look awesome and new
Its Christmas in the air my friend
And its Christmas every where
So I am happy and I am dancing today
As it’s the Christmas day
Merry Christmas to you too
Have a nice day!

8. It is the day

Christmas is a jolly good time,
To tease your family and dine,
Talk about things that are fine,
And things which you need to underline,
Christmas is a jolly good time,
A time for some fun and dine,
Merry Christmas!

9. A wish for you

A little snowball on the way,
Asked me what is the day!
I replied, it is Christmas dear,
Then the snowball also cheered,
Hurray it’s the Christmas day,
So, let us all have some fun today,
Let us all celebrate!
Merry Christmas!

10. I am so excited

Christmas is all about excitement galore,
It surely brings in a new joy,
With all the festivities and small toy,
Christmas is surely so fun,
Santa please come very soon,
For me you are like a boon,
Also give me something nice,
So that I turn wise!

11. I will do different things on Christmas

I will do weird things on Christmas and no you can’t say no
Coz this is the time to do things I want
Wear pretty dresses and then flaunt
Christmas season and Christmas cheer
It is finally here my dear
So get ready and dance now
But don’t forget to give a bow
To the Almighty above
Merry Christmas to you!

12. Jingle bells and cheer around

Jingle bell jingle bells ringing in my ear
I am here to celebrate the Christmas with cheer
With love of family and some amazing fun
I want to do everything and be number one
For Christmas is truly a blessed season
And I do have every reason
To do things that I want to do
On this Christmas, I would spread the cheer
Merry Christmas oh my dear!

13. I will surely pack your gift

I will pack your gift with the red ribbon
And with the red wrapper my dear
To show you that it’s my favorite color
That helps to
Spread the cheer
And I will make red candies for you
And do things that turn out to be new
To show you that I am so happy today
As it’s the most amazing day
Yes its Christmas today
Merry Christmas to you!

14. You are playing on the road

Children playing merrily on the road
And things are getting haywire
Everyone is running around with some work
There is chaos all over the place
When I asked someone who stood by
That what is happening, which is the game
He told me nothing it’s just the Christmas cheer
Oh! I said that have you also experienced it my dear
Merry Christmas to you
Do spread the cheer!

15. I have asked Santa that

I asked Santa to give what I really like
As I want this Christmas the best gift
I want to be happy and spread the cheer
Want to dress up like the reindeer
And shout out aloud on top of my voice
Do something to make that noise
And say that I am so happy today
Because it’s the super Christmas day
Merry Christmas to you!

16. The red thing there

The ribbons flying all red
I don’t know how should I feel
When I hear the sound of bell
It has something surreal
The red Santa’s everywhere
There is a magic in his eyes
He seems to be lost at times
And sometimes a little more wise
Christmas is my favorite time
A time when I can dine
With all the people I truly love
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

17. Look at the bells

Look the bells are ringing
As the Santa is on his way
You got to feel more cheerful
You have got to do it today
So sing along the pretty carols
Dance all the way
Christmas is a time to just open your heart
So that you feel merry all the way
Ho ho ho! Christmas is here
So you need not fear
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

18. Its the most blessed season

Christmas is the most blessed season of the year
It brings so much of light and cheer
But don’t lose your mischief my dear
So that you can also cheer
Listen to your heart for it shows you the best
Do things to impress
And make everyone so happy
Coz it’s the crazy Christmas time
Merry Christmas!

19. Its the super tree and light

Christmas tree and its super light
Made my day all the more bright
A little cheer and shopping with my friends
Little bit of make and pretend
I want to eat my sweet candy
I want to play in the snow
But one thing I am sure to know
That Christmas is going to be fun
Merry Christmas to you!

20. No place like lovely home

No place like the lovely Christmas home
Where the tree of hope kindles on the side
Where children do some mischief and hide
There are two Santas in the same house
And willingly you ignore your spouse
Christmas is the best time to sing
The song of your heart with bling
Merry Christmas to you!

21. How Santa runs around

It is amazing how Santa runs around
From home to home with that big smile
If I were to run around with a big bag
I would have collapsed on my way
Santa has energy to do things
He surely has his own say
He makes others happy with a reason
He makes others smile in Christmas season
Thank God, I am not Santa to all my loved ones
Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
With a happy time about to come
With a wonderful Christmas song!

22. It is amazing how you feel

It is amazing how you feel
Under the white blanket of snow
Under that sheet of the glow
When there is merriment in the air
You know that you are always there
You wanted that to happen in through
Be happy and act like you
Want all the attention this Christmas
Be happy and you will know
That this is perhaps the best way to show
You will for sure feel happy
With Christmas being in the air!

23. The tree so bright

Oh Christmas tree that is all bright
Make my things all right
That star please fulfill my wish
The lights on the tree that I miss
My face is all red this Christmas
As I am feeling the joy within
My mood is merry so I am
And it’s like this wonderful thing
I call it my favorite season
Yes it’s called Christmas my dear
When you just smile all through
And also spread the cheer
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

24. Wish to ride

Wish to ride that sledge in the snow
Wish to get down to the bow
Wish to just dance all the way
Wish to just have the say
Wish that you get all the happiness you want
Wish that you get to just flaunt
Wish that you just sing along
Wish that you always stay strong
Wish that your Christmas be good
This time and always ‘Touchwood’,
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

25. Look at the white snow

Looking at the white Christmas
I also feel that I am pure
Christmas is a time to think
You can be so sure,
When you can do whatever you like
There is nothing to hide
Christmas is a time when you can celebrate
With everyone alike
I will sing many songs this year
And I will spread many smiles and cheer
Hurrah! Christmas is here
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

26. It is yet another reason

Oh dear another season of Christmas is here
Oh dear look at that snow and sound
There is merriment in the air I know
Wish I could just dance in the crowd
There is a feeling of contentment in heart
I am waiting for a perfect start
But I get confused in this season
There is no particular reason
I just get confused all the way
Because it’s Christmas on the way!

27. A lovely Christmas time

A lovely Christmas time is waiting
With the pleasant sound of the bells
The lovely snowman that you make
It’s all for that smile and sake
All the pleasant memories you make on Christmas
All the things that you would love to do
Stay happy and spread the cheer along
Or sing a wonderful Christmas song
You will have everything to cheer
You will have a reason to be happy oh dear
This Christmas feel and be more merry
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

28. You know that things are fine

You know that things would be fine
You know that things will be all good
When you have a reason to stay
When you have a reason to cheer aloud
Don’t lose that smile you have
That will make you shine in the crowd
Lose your heart to things you love
Christmas will become a super time for you
Wish as lovely as a loving wish for you
Wishing a Merry Christmas to you
Wishing a lovely new year too!

29. I love Christmas so much

I love Christmas so much my dear
There is a reason to spread the cheer
Christmas brings in something
That merriment in the heart and sing
Christmas brings in that cheer in the heart
This is special from the very start
May your Christmas bring more joy
So that you get more time to enjoy
Stay blessed and play lovely games
It is the season of doing things you like
Of all the things and thoughts alike
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

30. It is not anything as yet

I have not done anything as yet
My shopping list is growing long
My list of things to be done
I don’t think I would be so strong
I have so many things undone
I think I am missing out on all the fun
Oh Lord please help me with my list
So that my Christmas be blessed in time
Lord please help me all the moment and while
This Christmas season
Merry Christmas and a happy new year
Let the fun begin!

31 .Christmas with that smile

Merry Christmas with that smile
Santa is coming all the while
For you to see the perfect Christmas vibe
For you to know that in spite
Things will be more fine then
Christmas will become all the more bright
See that there will be a light
This will see the radiance in there
Christmas is a season to feel happy
It’s all in the air and there
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

32. Let the merriment begin

Let the merriment run through air
Let there be charm everywhere
Christmas is a season to give
Lots f love your way and through
Christmas is a season to be
Everything that is coming through
I am happy because everyone around
Is also really happy too
Let there be peace in the air,
Here and everywhere,
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

33. The time is running out

The Christmas time is running out
I have not made my goodies as yet
The Christmas bells are ringing loud
Giving me a thought to set
That Santa is coming to the town
Along with his jiggles and the sledge
Its Christmas time and I will know
I may have many things to show
It’s Christmas and a wonderful time
To feel happy and merry from inside
It’s the wonderful Christmas time
Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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