Good Night Poems

Do you ever feel like adding a little something special to your good night wishes? If so, this article on Good Night Poems is perfect for you. Whether you’re sending a good night wish to a loved one, friend, family member or even just yourself, these poems can be the perfect way to end the day. Good Night Poems are a great way to express your feelings of love and admiration for someone special.

Short Good Night Poems

Do you want to share a meaningful Short goodnight message with someone before they go to sleep? Look no further than short good-night poems! Poetry is a beautiful way to connect with someone and create a lasting memory. Whether you are looking for something romantic or simply want to say goodnight, these short good-night poems can help get the job done. From haiku to limerick-style poems, these small but meaningful pieces are sure to make a big impact.

1. Sleep Well Tonight

Night is come by, so set your bed and go to sleep,
What lies ahead of you, are lovely dreams.
May all your problems and worries melt away,
For tomorrow is going to be a brand new day!
Good night!

2. Sleep Tight

As the day will turn into night,
Keep your worries on the side,
Think about a better tomorrow,
Where there will be happiness and no sorrow,
Close your eyes and dream,
You will get what you desire in a seam,
Good night dear!

Good Night Poems for Her

3. The moon that glows in the dark

The moon that glows in the dark
There is a radiant spark
The light that glows around you
Giving you a subtle clue
That night has come and it will
Make a difference in your life
It’s the time to be so wise
Not so lovely as you are
With your thoughts that take
You to another world of the stars
So embrace this loving night
As you will feel so all right
It’s indeed a lovely night
Wishing you Good night
Do sleep tight!

4. The stars above you

Oh how good the stars above look
When they shine they look so good
When they shine they take away
All the negativity of life
Just stare at the shining moon today
See how bright life can be
See the positive aspect of life
And all the things you wish to see
Look how deep is the connection
That you have with your soul
Night is a graceful time
So that you have a good time
Embrace the night with a smile
So that you have a loving while
Good Night and feel so good!

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5. The Good Night Song

As the day into the night fades,
Your worries too find a better place.
Let the stars shower you hope,
And give you the strength to cope.
Night is the time your mind and body sleeps,
For a brand new day that simply leaps.

6. A Night Full of Dreams

A good night wish and sweet dreams to you,
Coz people like you are so few,
Forget what happened today,
As the day is over,
Think about a better tomorrow,
Where there would be peace happiness and no sorrow,
Good night and sleep tight!

7. Close Your Eyes

The sun is set,
Yet another day has come to an end,
Sweet good night wishes from me,
For dreams for you to see,
Close your eyes and sleep tight,
Forget all your fright,
Wait for another beautiful day,
To make your night peaceful today,
Good night baby!

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8. A Shiny Good Night

Feel your heart,
As you shut your eyes,
Sleep more tight,
As I say good night,
All the stars which are so bright,
Forget all the worries and fright,
Stay calm,because its night,
A very sweet good night!

9. Bright Night

No wonder how bright,
The moon is tonight.
With surroundings so quiet,
In stars’ dim breezy light.
I see the moon closing its eyes,
Letting its shine to rest,
From brilliant to dull white.
So it is a time for we too,
To say good night and sleep tight.

10. Tomorrow Is Another Day

I lie awake pushing time on one of the darkest nights,
Staring into the moon dressed in its whites.
It does its duty and never skips a day,
A lesson I learn in a very simple way.
Tomorrow is another day for me to show,
That my abilities are here to grow.
Good Night!

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11. The Moon Is Shining Bright

The moon is shining bright,
The sun is now nowhere in sight.
The stars are twinkling with all their might,
While there’s darkness outside, left & right.
So let us now turn off the light,
and wish each other a very good night.

Good Night Poems for Him

12. Sweet dreams to you

Sweet dreams to you oh dear
Embrace the night with a good cheer
Think about all the good moments
That you have spent today
Think about the time to come
For tomorrow will be a new day
As you lay on that bed
And you close your eyes
Think about the moments being so wise
Give in to this lovely night
When you will feel so alright,
Today is the new time
To set ready for things you want to do
Wishing you a lovely night!

13. There is indeed so much to say

There is indeed chaos in life
Stress certainly does not leave your side
There is chaos in things you do
But there is night only for you
When you can just lay and relax
Calm down and take a deep breath
As you start with another day
Night will bring in many things for you
So lovely as you feel today
So lovely as this night will be
Giving you a feel to see
That yes it’s indeed a wonderful night
Of peace and solace in your heart
Good night to you oh dear
Wishing you a lovely night!

14. Leave all your worries at side

Leave all your tensions on side
Night is indeed so bright
You do not have to worry about things
You don’t have to worry about the time
You have some thoughts in your mind
Leave them and sleep tonight
As you sleep, you will have a reason
To leave behind things that don’t matter
Leave behind everything that
Gives you a reason to stress
Smile and feel that calmness
That this night has bought for you
Feel so good tonight,
Wishing you a lovely night
Good night!

15. A Dreamy Night

Wishing you a lovely night,
Wait for tomorrow for day so bright,
See pleasant dreams for another day,
As on your bed you lay,
Wait for a new dawn,
a new day,
Don’t forget to say your pray,
Good night and sleep tight!

16. Bye Bye Worries

Good night wishes for you,
Sleep well and forget all the pain,
Life is nothing but lose and gain,
Don’t bother,because the day is over,
Then why hold on and still rover,
Good night my dear,
Relax and there will be no fear!

17. Close your eyes and do not

Close your eyes and don’t you think
What is gone is gone in life
You have a reason to strive
And all the things that you sacrifice
You have many ways to state in life
You have many lessons to learn
So sleep good on this lovely night
I wish that tomorrow your day be
More wonderful as you are
And like the sun so bright
Forget everything that happened today
Its indeed a wonderful night
Wishing you Good night
Do sleep tight!

18. A Peaceful Slumber

We may be miles apart,
But you always stay in my heart,
The night is here,
So accept my loving good night wish,
Leave aside everything and have a sound sleep,
As the night gets more deep,
Tomorrow will be a wonderful day,
Good night!

19. A Very Good Night

Still moon rays,
soothing everyone in this world,
Letting worries to rest than swirl.
Giving the sea its tides so high,
Allowing the birds to gather their strength,
To fly high and touch the sky.
Forever have been these nights,
Given respite to all sights.
Let yourself rest now,
And say a very good night.

20. A Soothing Good Night

Another day just went by,
Leaving the memories still so fresh.
The moon the stars have filled the sky,
Like the warmth of life filling my heart.
Never could you wonder how,
Well or not, the day has been.
All you did, to fill it with vows,
To be self made to be gentle and clean.
Letting away all of its bad,
Keeping the good inside your heart.
You well faced it all without being sad,
With the broad subtle smile always on.
Let this night take you in its arm,
Release your troubles and all worries.
Lay down in your bed so warm,
Dream sweet and in no hurry.
Another day has to come,
Another hope will be born.
Another bright smiling sun,
Burning away all the thorns.
Now just lie down and switch off the light,
Look at the entire world wishing you good night.

21. Time To Say Good Night

Burying all ‘day fights’
Far deep beneath,
The earth’s crest,
Letting peace to reside,
In the world’s chest.
This sweet moonlight,
Dipping the world in,
Happy and cheerful fest,
Of peace, silence and rest.
Telling us all to be quiet,
It is time to sleep and say,
Good Night.

22. Night Is Time

Night is time to say goodbye to the past,
It is the time to wish for sleep all night that lasts.
It is time to under the blanket get curled,
It is time to get lost in a dream world.
Good Night to you.

Good Night Poems for Wife

23. It is a lovely night with a feel

It’s a lovely night with a good feel
So forget whatever happened today
You just have to think about
The day that is going to come
Feel that silence in the air
Graceful heart that wants to care
Good night and feel so good
As it’s a lovely night today
The moon that sparkles bright
You have a reason to feel all right
The night and its charming way
Will surely make your day
For a day that will bring more light
Wishing you a lovely Good night!

24. Dreamy Night

In the darkness of the night,
There are so many thoughts in mind,
The only way to unwind,
Is to sleep tight and dream,
Relax and sleep and everything will be fine,
Wait for a new day,
when sun will shine,
Good night!

25. Beautiful Dreams

The lovely blooms in the wild,
Gently closing their eyes.
Waiting for the sun to,
Smile again and again rise.
To freshen the world with,
The warm light so bright.
Dreaming of a beautiful tomorrow,
Lets sleep happy and sleep tight.
No wonder nights scare us,
No worry they are dark.
The day will again come,
Full of fun and spark.
So take your warm,
and cozy pillow beside.
Take a deep breath,
And close your eyes.
Get ready to take rest and,
Say a very good night.

26. Dream World

Night is the time to say goodbye to the past,
It is the time to wish for sleep, all night that lasts.
It is the time to forget all your worries and troubles,
It is the time to allow your dreams to bubble.
So lay your head on your pillow tonight,
And don’t you forget to hug your blanket really tight.
I wish you a very very good night!

27. Sweet Dreams

Rest your little head on your pillow
And drift off to dreams so mellow.
The sky is not too far away,
Just take a step and let your mind play.
The heavenliest of sleep and sweetest of dreams
Will only add on to a smile that beams.

28. The Night Story

The glowing stars and the moon so white,
Make all your worries feel so light.
It may be dark in the night,
But these natural stars make it so bright.
Night has a lesson to teach,
To forget worries and of happiness reach.

Good Night Poems for Husband

29. Beauty Sleep

Every night is different,
For it blooms into a morning so affluent
With the beauty of dewdrops
And the smell of freshness that does not just stop.
From evening to early morning,
Night is the only time you will ever be resting.

30. Good Night! My Beloved

Good night my dear,
Good night from me,
I wish you were there with me,
There is no one I can see,
Good night my love,
See some amazing dreams,
A better day awaits you,
Where everything will be new,
Good night!

31. Goodbye To The Day

A silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky.
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid goodbye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly,
In your dreams for some time,
Away from this hot and dry.
Let the cozy sleep be a sweet visitor,
That slowly makes you enter,
The world called wonderland,
Resting your mind and your hands,
That worked and worked the whole day,
Keeping your worries at a bay.
It is getting too dark now,
It is the perfect time to say,
Good night and dream sweet,
And calmly lay,
In the arms of your bed.
In a tight sleep when you lie,
a silent breeze that just went by,
Those numerous stars in the sky
Are giving you a message.
A message to bid good bye,
To the day just passed,
And let your consciousness fly.

32. When Sleep Bids My Desires Goodbye!

The evening sun slowly fades into the dark,
Gradually giving way for the moon to embark.
On a journey that may only last a few hours,
But leaves a glorious feeling like the sight of lovely flowers.
Try as I might to stay awake to enjoy the beauty of the night,
But sleep comes over and gives my hopes a good fight.
Good Night!

Good Night Poems for Crush

33. The night is silent and quiet

The night is silent and quiet
The night has an aura so right
Nothing feels so tough through this time
There is no stress or no fear
It is just the calmness of the night
That makes things all bright
Night is the time to feel good
A time when you feel so fine
There is brightness all around
Just like the radiance of the moon
The night takes away all the pain
Gives a promise of a better tomorrow
Good night for this lovely day
Feel fresh, as it will be a new day!

34. Beautiful Night

The setting sun and the fading light
Gives way to the moon so white.
The night does not last for too long,
And when it lasts,
dance to the moon’s song.
Let the most lovely dreams
Bring a smile on your sleeping face that gleams.

Blissful Sweet Dreams

35. Blissful sleep sweeps me through,
And a dream as beautiful as it can be within me grew.
Butterflies fluttering and birds singing,
In my heart, happiness and excitement springing.
I wake up suddenly in the wee hours of the night,
Thanks to my ringing alarm that gave my dream a good bite.
But off to sleep I go again, Good Night!

Good Night Poems For A Friend

36. Why do you worry my friend?

Why do you worry when a cool day
Is waiting on another side
It will take all your stress
And make you feel alright,
As you lay on the bed
Reflecting about things in life
Let go of everything in mind
Think about the day so kind
Let go of things today
It’s the lovely night to say
A night which will give you rest
A night to make the best
Good night to you
Sleep tight my dear!

37. Look the stars are shining

Look the stars are shining so bright
Look around and see that light
The radiance and that spark
Will make a difference in your life
Look the moon is glowing for you
So that you have a mile on your face
Night is indeed so special
It has that very calm grace
Surrender to this wonderful night
When you will feel so lovely and bright
Give in to this night
And you will feel so right
Good night to you oh dear
Sleep good without any fear
On this wonderful night!

38. All through your mind

The imagination runs through mind
You are sensible and so kind
In the night when you are alone
You think about the days to come
In the night when you are alone
You have many thoughts in your mind
A reason enough will let you find
Things that make you special
Things that will change in for you
Night is indeed a lovely time
To make it special and through
It’s indeed a lovely night
So embrace it through
It’s a special night for you
Good night to you!

39. Embrace the Night

Sweet dreams,
Have a wonderful night,
The night is so calm,
Oh! What a pleasing sight,
As you lie down in your bed,
Think about a better tomorrow,
Where there would be happiness,
And no sorrow,
So good night and sleep tight!

40. Blissful Sleep

A day full of hard work to do,
You wait for the night and slip into your night shoe.
The faintest of music from far away,
And your tiredness escapes astray.
In comes the moon streaming through your window,
And caresses you while you sleep through the night.
Good Night!

41. A Warm Prayer

The night is here,
The stars shining bright,
Say a good night prayer,
And forget your fright,
The night is here,
So embrace it with ease,
There would be no worries to cease,
Good night!

42. Stars Play Hide and Seek

Stars twinkling in the night sky,
Playing hide and seek with my watchful eye.
The pretty clouds moving left and right,
And covering the stars away from my sight.
I light up when I see them once again,
Only to realize that my desire to see them all the time will be in vain.
Good Night!

43. Reward Yourself With Sleep

After a long dry and a very tiring day,
the good old night is finally on your way.

It is time when the moon up there glows and gleams,
And the hour when it tells us to have sweet dreams.

So my dear friend reward yourself with sleep tonight,
Here I stop by to your side, to wish you a good night.

Funny Good Night Poems

44. Robin and his merry men’s night out

Robin treated his men down at the inn
To sexy wenches, food, mead and some gin
All got drunk on the mead
Then got high on the weed
Friar Tuck said “it’s not right it’s a sin.”

Robin’s outlaws were enjoying the night
And with the sheriffs men started a fight
The men ran for their lives
There was lots of high fives
The peasants cheered at this comical sight.

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