Want You Love Quotes

i want you love quotes
i want you love quotes

Once All we are fall in love and want somebody very madly. We don’t have words to get those feelings today herewith I want you love quotes and sayings. Which, Help you to reignite your true love.  

I want You Love Quotes

  • I was born again because of your love, but I died for the same reason.
  • You will never understand the hell I feel inside my heart.want you love quotes
  • I wish I could take back all the stupid things I did that made you leave me. I would turn the whole world upside down for you, like how you turned my whole world upside down and made me love you.
  • We both called each other names and made each other cry in vain, but all I want to call you now is a sweetheart and wipe the tears from your eyes. Hold you close to me for all eternity.
  •  The heart never rests, never stops aching, when the anchor of its love is lost.
  • It was ten days after she left me that I started having a hard time sleeping. I realized this was because her scent was gone from my pillow. Now that I realize that she was the only thing that could give me peace and rest, I shall never sleep again.
  •  I thought I would die when you said goodbye, but the cruel hope of thinking you’ll be back has left me in a half-life of loneliness.
  •  Letting someone you love go is like exhaling your soul, and hope becomes the poison you are left to breathe in.
  •  I think I have found my true love, who I want to kill each day and caress each night from the bottom of my heart.

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  •  It was midnight. The sky was clear and there was a faint sound of jazz in the air. The moon was full and the gardens blowing a delicate scent. I lay upon my bed each night, remembering the time we met and how I’ll only see you in my dreams.
  • I haven’t laughed since you went away. You took it with you, and I want it back.
  • Real strength is seeing you dance with another and stand there without dissolving into a pile of tears.
  •  It is a once in a lifetime gift when someone comes into your life and turns it around. I want you, baby.
  •  I’d rather fight with you over breakfast, ignore you over lunch, greet you with a cold hello at dinner, make love passionately in the night, kiss you sweet good mornings in the dawn, and spend the rest of my life with you.
  • I want you to fill me, be inside me, to know that you and nothing else, is in the center of my heart.
  •  I’ve watched all the movies you loved. I listened to all the music you loved. I ordered all the food you loved. I do all this so I have all that you love you would love me again.
  • My mind tries to forget but my body remembers your touch, the feel of your warmth, the scent of your hair, the smell of your breath, and I weep as it aches in longing.
  •  To know that you have found and been with that one great love is enough, for life lived is then complete.
  • Goodbye, my butterfly, I let you fly away hoping you will flutter back to me.
  •  I walk the empty rooms in the day, straining against the silence to hear a hind of your laughter.
  • Want me. Need me. Long for me. I cannot stand feeling all this misery when you do not.
  • All I have left of you is memory and the hairpins you left upon my dresser. I want you so I could once more see you pin those upon your hair, life would have meaning again.
  • I was always very good at keeping secrets, but I wish I had told you that I loved your smile, your voice, your gentle breathing. And now that you are gone, my regret shall remain a secret.
  • Suddenly, all the color left, and all that was left was the gray and dullness of the monotonous existence of being single instead of being one with you.
  • I wake up every day missing you; the way you leave toothpaste in the sink, the toilet seat up, and the dirty dishes in the sink. And then I realized what a pain you were to me, and I miss you more.
  • Losing you is seeing that precious jewel fall from a finger into the sea, forever carried away by the tide.
  • Of all the happy mistakes I’ve made, it was to fall in love with you. And now that I’m caught up in this mess, I refuse to be in it by myself so you’re going to be with me, whether we like it or not, and see the very end.
  • I never knew until you left how you made my life brighter when the world was full of darkness.
  • I read something beautiful today and I cried. I wanted you to know what it was: kintsugi is the Japanese art form of repairing broken pottery with gold and thus makes the object more beautiful than before. I want you to re-create for me!
  •  If God offered to give me my soul mate, I’d just tell him I’d rather have you back instead.
  •  I could stay in hell for all eternity and endure it if only I could see your face smiling in heaven.
  • I used to love sunrises but I hated it when you left me. All my hopes and dreams left with you, yet all I could think is to wish you well with them so that my love can live with you, always. I wanted you and always only you!
  • Our love is like a broken string, frayed at the middle from years of wear to the point of breaking offering the pain of hoping it can be tied back together again.
  • Spin me around but don’t let me go.
  • Your heart was in my hands and I let it fall.
  • I had wandered an aimless path then you came to me, and I shall never know any other direction except to follow you always, though you may never look back.
  •  You were my mirror, the one who reflected the good and revealed the bad. You showed me myself and now that you have gone, I cannot see myself anymore.
  • I know you will never return, but every day I light a candle upon my window, hoping it will guide you back.
  • In the fourteen months, a heart can heal from breaking, but I might die of sadness before then.
  • I held on to you too tight and crushed your wings. Now I let you go, so you can be free, and seeing you soar is my only joy. I want your baby!
  • There are more than a million stars in the sky and I wish upon every single one, hoping that it will bring you back to me.
  • Years from now, when you are with someone who treats you much better than I did, think of me fondly and all the times I made you smile.
  • You made my heart grow beyond my body, and now that you are not here, it is empty.
  • I could have anyone in the world, but in the end, the only thing I could have is the best, and that is you.
  • I only hope that in the dark of night in a thousand million days from now, beneath the starry stars, you will think of coming back to me.
  • He swore and stomped, and was a generally rude man. He hated city noises, loud children, and rain. He was opinionated, bullheaded, and a bastard. I saw all that and loved him still.
  • Once you find your heart attached to another’s, you’ll do everything in your power to keep it together or risk the pain of separation bleeding you out.
  • I made you my life, and this was a mistake, I know, for you lost yourself. And now that you are free, you have taken all of mine, and now it is I that is lost.
  •  When you left, days passed by, blur after a blur of meaningless affairs, all empty, all lonely. Breathe into me again, give back my purpose, please, let me love you again, I want you, sweetheart.
  • You run, I run. You walk, I follow. Please do not leave me alone in the sadness that is being without you.
  • I have felt it all. Every pain and hurt that the world challenged me with, I held at bay, but I only broke when you left me.

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